P.S. Rowland was born and raised in Seattle WA. She grew up in an atmosphere where the arts were supported and cherished. The love of books, and reading were instilled deeply by her late mother. This love often times leads her to read 4-6 book simultaneously.

P.S. Rowland continues to reside in the beautiful state of Washington, where she writes poetry, dabbles in photography, enjoys many outside activities such as boating, skiing, and riding their Harley Davidson.

Her love of wine has taken her across the United States, Canada and New Zealand for tastings.

Well known for her love of football, she is loyal to the Seattle Seahawks. She loves music and dancing, and has been spotted many a time at local establishments singing karaoke. She's the mother of 2 children, and grandmother of 5.

She’s been published in a variety of online poetry sites, and papers.

During an interview she was asked:

Q. -“How long have you been writing?”
A. -“I’ve actually been writing since I was in junior high. I wrote a lot of songs thinking I’d be the next Bob Dylan, or Simon and Garfunkel (laughs). Of course I’m not sure how that was going to ever happen, since I never allowed anyone to see them, even to this day they’re a hidden secret.” 

Q. -"Was writing poetry always in your plan?”
A. -“No, not at all. I’ve always wanted to be a published author, but in my mind I would write murder mysteries, and I tried. I had several stories going on at once, but I lacked the ability to be detailed enough, and keep it interesting in my opinion.  I mean come on, I was bored reading it myself! (laughs) I have journaled for years, and much of that is in poetic structure. I started a blog several years ago sharing some of my work, and received overwhelming support. It dawned on me then, that maybe this was my niche.”

Q.- “What motivates you to write?”
A. -“Oh goodness, anything and everything. My mind is a whirlwind most of the time. A feeling I have, a story someone’s told me, a scene I’m privy to, a glance of natures beauty, situations others are involved in, and sometimes completely made up scenarios. I’m very tender hearted, and I feel others emotions deeply within myself. I feel their souls, their hearts, and that inspires me a lot. I like to shoot photos, and actually quite a few of my poems were inspired by photos I’ve taken.”

Q.- “Any words of encouragement or advice for new writers?”
A. -“Write every day. Doesn’t matter what it is, just write. Don’t stop and critique your content, grammar, or punctuation, just write.  Don’t second guess yourself, if it’s coming from your heart, then it’s worth putting down on paper. READ A LOT, especially in the genre you’re interested in.”

P.S. Rowland's collectios of poetry speaks directly from the heart will move you from thoughtful soulful prose and deep words of wisdom, to a delicate beauty. Her words will compel you to smile when her style captures the witty thoughts in her head, and brings you to her world for a time.