July Joys ~

July Joys ~

Happy steamy, hot July to you!

Here in Eastern WA we are dealing with triple digit temps, and smoke filled air due to many wildfires. 
On a personal note, my ankle is healing well. I’m now down to a small ankle support type contraption. I’ve been told I’m not the best patient in the world in terms of compliance.  Who would have known that it was a no no to start riding the Harley four days after my fracture, in addition to boating, and jet skiing…. Hmmm well OK then… good thing I survived! :)

On the writing scene, things are moving along. Magnificent creations are flowing from my psyche, filling pages upon pages of words, and thoughts, to bring out the emotions you so long to discover. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around a theme, and presentation for the whole manuscript. In time, it will reveal itself to me, and that my friends is when the fun will begin.

Have a fun filled and safe July!

Posted on July 17, 2014 .