April Arrival

You truly are a beautiful readership, you know that? The love and support that flows from you to me is greatly appreciated! It's a mutual love affair.

I have great pleasure is finally unveiling the cover for my next collection of poetry. The release of this collection entitled "Cut Both Ways" is due to launch June 2015. (possibly sooner) Very exciting!

Let me tell you a little about the book, and also include a few reviews from advanced reader copies. 

In a relationship more often than not, both parties are not passionate people. Passionate, not necessarily in a romantic sense, but about life in general; feeling strongly about goals, interests, ideas and yes, dreams and love.  Usually one is a taker, one a giver. The old adage “opposites attract”, or do they? This collection of works will delve into the life of a relationship where both individuals are extremely artistic, intense, passionate about life, and fierce about love.

Cut Both Ways will carry you along a beautiful path of love, grief, elation, inspiration, and passion. A journey not many experience in their lifetime; delving deep within the emotions of two creative, romantic, intense, and passionate soulmates. The author demonstrates great skill, allowing the reader to feel the ecstasy, excitement, and disturbance portrayed in each poem. Stirring the desires of the heart and soul, which come into play when two beautiful souls are more than just in love, more than in a relationship, where two become one. The dynamics and intensity of these poems will transport you into a world so precious, it will take your breath away. 


"Cut Both Ways" is a living, breathing body of work that exposes true human nature. From beginning to the end, this is much more than poetry, it's an entire lifetime of the good, the bad, the sensual, and the destructive. But above all else, this collection is certainly life.

- Janice Ross, Author of Damaged Girls

One of my favorite authors. She has a way of bringing her readers into her poems and making them feel as if each poem were written for them. These poems of love can be felt deep within your soul and at times will make you cry both tears of joy and tears of sadness. A five star review!  

- Author Carl Joseph Roberts

Until next time my friends!

Excerpt from Cut Both Ways

The Thread That Binds

You’re the center of my world.
My every breath,
my every thought.
The pain I caused you
has destroyed my viscera,
along with my heart.
What you feel, I feel.
The ache that binds us together
will make us stronger.
Never have two lost souls,
been destined to search out,
find, and connect, as ours.
I will not let go.
I cannot let go.
you have wedged yourself
into my heart, and have
sewn it shut, to be there for an eternity.

© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland

Posted on April 17, 2015 .