September Shivers

The heat is on and I'm talking more than the summer temps. For the last month we have been living "The Fire Storm".  The entire state of Washington has been attacked, and our area particularly. I evacuated for a week. Breathing was impossible due to the thick smoke.  My home and family are now safe, and we didn't suffer any loss.

According to the Okanogan County Emergency Management, We have a current estimate of 505,369.13 acres of burned land in Okanogan county. Among all the lost homes, outbuildings, cabins, and fencing, a significant amount of wild habitat, rangeland, and farmland has also been damaged. 

From my deck. We live on a ledge and can usually see the entire town.

From my deck. We live on a ledge and can usually see the entire town.

Prisoner in my own home the day before evacuating 

Prisoner in my own home the day before evacuating 

Fighting the fire, dropping fire retardant.

Fighting the fire, dropping fire retardant.

I've also enjoyed doing some of my most FAVE things, which is spending time with family and friends, in various activities. 



In the writer and poets world-

The Academy of American Poets is pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 American Poets Prize -

Joy Harjo has received the WALLACE STEVENS AWARD, which is given annually to recognize outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry. Established in 1994, the award carries a stipend of $100,000. Recipients are nominated and elected by a majority vote of the Academy’s Board of Chancellors.

With summer coming to a close I will be devoting more time to events, around the area including several book signings. Stay tuned for dates. Would love to see you!

I continue to write daily, and thoughts of my third book are forming. Here's a poem being considered for that volume.


Ame Soeur

In the darkness of my self pity you shine a dream I wait to come true.  In my uncertainty and worry of all the little and unknown factors, you supply the stable ground calming my soul.  In the terror that comes in the night, you take control of my breathing, and ease my anxiety.  In my inner turmoil though unspoken, you see it in my eyes, and sense it in my movements, and won't let another moment pass until you make me whole again.  I hope I never lose sight of who you are to me. For you are my soulmate. 


I so appreciate all of you, and your support and followings on FB, Twitter etc. It's been very nice getting to know some of you, and I really appreciate the feedback. 

Until next time, keep reading! And if you are a poet, I would love to read your work and showcase it here.


Posted on September 14, 2015 .