Delectible December

Hello to my readership, and all poetry lovers out there. 

This is a busy month for many of you, spending time with family and friends, and eating all kinds of naughty delectable goodies. What a great time for leggings :)))

I want to thank you very much for your continued support, and all of the books you've purchased for gifts! I hope they all arrive on time. 

Speaking of giving, did you know that James Patterson, (Best Selling Author) for 3 years in a row, has given a bonus to many independent booksellers in the total amount of $350,000?! He's committed to putting books in the hands of readers. You can read the entire article here

Have you heard of the CDC Poetry Project? According the Poetry & Writers Daily News, Poets Sarah Freligh, and Amy Lemmon have started this project in response to the Trump administrations, request to the CDC to not use certain words in their communication.  They have invited poets to submit poems using all of the banned words such as fetus, evidenced-based medication etc. 

If you are looking for poems to fit the season, you may find a few you like here. Grab a hot cup of tea, and settle in for a few good reads. 

On a personal note, I am enjoying the coziness of my home, communicating with my readers, and loving all the requests for signed books. Future events will be coming, as soon as we can get through some of this winter weather. 

Until next time, enjoy and stay warm!

Posted on December 19, 2017 .