Guest Blog

I just love when people are willing to share their craft, and allow others to enjoy it as well. Bob Lam is a very talented writer and poet. Thank you Bob for always being willing to share. 

My Father's Legacy

Stranded in the shadows
Of my convictions
I cast the same

Longing for the perfect balance
Brass ring
Brushing my fingertips
Yet, the ride goes on
Still struggling, straining
Hoping for the prize

Here is another Valentine poem he wrote for his one and only:

How do you always know
The moment I'm drowning

You reach out
Pulling me
From the depths
Of my imagination

Shining bright
Showing me
I am free

You, the key
Long locked away
No matter my flaws
Still you stay.

I don't know the reason
I have little to offer
At the altar
Of our love


Both absolutely beautiful!  Thank you again Bob. I would love to hear from other poets. Use the contact tab at the top, and send in your work!


Posted on March 30, 2017 .