M.W.P. - A poem dedicated to my brother who lost his fight with heroin at age 46.

Today I think of you,
so many years have past.
The picture of your face,
in my mind will always last.
Such wasted years we had,
miles apart were we.
The house was filled with two,
oh I wish it had been three.
Your pain was not your own,
I shared it every day.
I’d wish that you were clean,
I hoped, I begged, and prayed.
Then one day you were gone.
The call came in the night. 
I laid in bed and cried,
till the darkness turned to light.
Each year on this day,
you’re heavy on my heart.
But one day soon I know,
you’ll have a brand new start.

I love you Mickey

Posted on September 9, 2014 .